All the Things You Are, 1999
Tribute to composer, Jerome Kern












Using hand-made papers, oil pastels, wax pencils and gouache, Andrew Lidgus masterfully crafts his mixed media collages from single geometric forms into fascinating vignettes from ancient history and mythology. Andrew's use of dazzling color and unique patterns are emotionally tantalizing and visually hypnotic. His use of textures adds an absorbing affect to his art. As a painter uses a brush, Andrew's scissors convert paper into his personal stories. "The act of cutting paper forces the artist to make instant linear and spatial decisions in order to achieve the clean, clear effect that he seeks."

In recent years, Andrew has introduced a new medium into his artistic expression. In appreciation of nature and the environment, elegant panels and columns of rich wood act as backdrop for his intricate paper compositions. The wood and papers together form a musical montage from the romantic tapestry of Romeo and Juliet to the Fascinating Rhythm of Gershwin.

"Forests provide great inspiration for me. Not only do they appear thematically in many of my works, but they also produce the natural materials with which I enjoy working. The beauty of the raw wood columns and totem is just one step removed from the hand-made papers I use."

After receiving his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Loyola University in Chicago, he continued to paint and work with paper and fabric. In the 1980's Andrew received a second degree in the Arts, a Bachelor of Music, with a major in piano performance. For several years, he pursued his career in music along with the development of his own artistic expression. Hailed by the critics, Andrew just completed a highly successful European art tour concluding in Marbella, Spain. He also created a unique exhibition of works that paid homage to the great Classical Composers. The Exhibition premiered in London in late Spring, 2000.

Blending his love for art and music has brought Andrew worldwide recognition from private and corporate collectors. His works hang in numerous galleries as well as private homes and corporate offices. Andrew's public and private collections, include commissions for Holy Name Cathedral, The National Realtor's Association, Northwestern University, University of Chicago, Associated New Media in London and Reyes Aquilera & Co., Madrid, Spain among many others.

Andrew J. Lidgus is continuing his series of mixed media collages that pay tribute to American Popular songs as well as beginning a series celebrating classical works.

Currently, he is completing a commissioned totem made of steel and glass, named "In Dreams Again" for the Greenwood Pocket Park in the gallery district, Short North, in Columbus, Ohio.

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