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Pham Kien Gian was born in Hanoi, Vietnam, in 1969. A self taught artist, Mr. Giang grew up in rural Bac Ninh province by the Red River. After living in Europe for 7 years, Mr. Giang returned to his childhood town of Bat Trang to devote himself to his art.

Mr. Giang's oil on canvas paintings are a visual language to fit his own unique interpretation of the Vietnamese countryside. An emerging artist, Mr. Giang has been recognized by Ian Findlay, editor of the Asian Art News magazine, January/February 2005 edition, in an article which stated, " Pham Kien Giang shows us a singular …world between reality and dream…an inner peace within his painting."

Mr. Giang unfailingly demonstrates a deft, unique composite perspective, with few, but telling elements, in each painting, rendered with both a subtle and dramatic sense of color.


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